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Click on the button and start answering the multiple-choice questions that will follow. Learn at your own pace, stop when you want. Keep track of the right and wrong answers by looking at the bottom of the window or at the Smart Counter.

For even better memorization you can switch questions and answers by clicking on the button.

A good strategy is to answer 20 questions correctly, then click on and answer 20 more. Do this several times per session and you are virtually guaranteed to get a good grasp of the new vocabulary, dates, etc.

It is easy to set up the Smart Counter so that it alerts you after a certain number of correct answers and automatically switches questions and answers.

Please keep in mind that a typical Q&A-list should have at least 20 pairs to keep things interesting!

Once in a while, especially when starting with an unfamiliar Q&A-list, you may find it helpful to "cheat" by looking at the correct answer before making a selection. There are two ways of doing that:

- enable automatic answers for all the questions.

- double-click on the question if you want just occasional help.

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