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General Settings.

You can get to this dialog by selecting "View" > "Options" from the main menu.

- Load last Q&A-list on start-up.

If this option is checked, Quiz-Buddy will automatically open the Q&A-list used during the previous session.

- Start questions automatically when Q&A-list loads.

If checked, the Q&A session will start automatically once a Q&A-list is loaded. Saves you clicking on the button.

- Use predefined wrong answers.

If checked, Quiz-Buddy will use predefined wrong answers when generating quiz questions. For more information about the predefined wrong answers please click here.

- Enable automatic answers.

If checked, the correct answer will be automatically displayed after a delay in answering the question.

- Continue after wrong answer.

This new option lets you move on to the next question after any answer - right or wrong.

- Smart Counter.

If checked, Smart Counter will be displayed.

- Auto-Play question sounds.

If checked, the sound associated with a question will be played automatically when the question appears.

- Sound Scheme.

Choose a sound scheme that you like, or simply select "none".

- Tips: Show All / Hide All

Here you can enable or disable all the friendly tips that pop up while you use various Quiz-Buddy features.

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