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The truth about SAT Verbal.
Experts agree that the SAT Verbal section is mostly a vocabulary test. It is as simple as that: if you know the words, with some common sense you will ace the test. On the other hand, if your vocabulary is lacking, the best you can hope for is a mediocre score, even if in other respects you are a genius.

So, how do you memorize the SAT words?
Your mind needs to realize that the SAT words that you're trying to memorize are actually useful and important, otherwise it wouldn't bother memorizing them. One of the most efficient and time-proven methods is also the easiest to use and understand. That, of course, is the method of repetition. It works particularly well when combined with other methods such as graduated interval recall.

Using Quiz-Buddy makes your repetition exercises much more enjoyable and efficient.

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What should be your first step in preparing for SAT Verbal?
If vocabulary building is the essence of SAT Verbal preparation, learning Greek and Latin word prefixes is the essence of building a powerful SAT vocabulary. The reason: most of the SAT-level English words are based on Latin or Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes. If you memorize a word, you memorize, well, just one word. However, learning a prefix gives you a key to understanding many words. To put it in prospective, memorizing difficult words without knowing prefixes is like trying to master chemistry without learning the Periodic Table.

Prefix lists are widely available in SAT-preparation literature and on the Internet. Quiz-Buddy includes a prefix Question&Answer list (Q&A-list) as well.

How can Quiz-Buddy help in your SAT preparation?
In addition to the prefix Q&A-list, Quiz-Buddy comes with a list of the words similar to those that may appear in the SAT Verbal section.

Most importantly, with Quiz-Buddy it is easy to create new and edit existing Q&A-lists. If you need to learn words, historical dates, or any other information that can be presented in question-answer form, Quiz-Buddy is here to help you. All you need to do is enter the question-answer pairs into the easy-to-use built-in editor and start practicing.

To see all the Q&A-lists included with Quiz-Buddy click here.


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