User Testimonials and Press Reviews.

User Testimonials:

"I purchased Quiz-Buddy for my son who just started high school. I was looking for a way to help him learn his vocabulary for College-Prep English. I am absolutely amazed at the results! He has gotten A's on every test since we purchased this wonderful program. We really like the feature that allows you to print flashcards. Thanks again for a fabulous program!"
Laura F., Parent, Kentucky

"We love the support that we get from Quiz-Buddy that allows us to use this program the way we want to."
Cheryl Kovsky Litt, Media Specialist, West Hills Middle School, Bloomfield Hills Schools, Michigan

"Great 'flashcard' program and it runs smoothly. The flashcard customization was easy and the tech. support was great."
Dr. P. Lee, University Professor, California

"I am a first-year medical student and Quiz-Buddy is an integral part of my daily study routine."
Terry H., Medical Student, Tennessee

"I tried a lot of programs over the past few days and this one is by far the easiest to work with. My daughter seems to enjoy it and that makes me happy... I am happy with the customer service as well... Money well spent!"
John L., Parent, Michigan

"Thanks, great software for learning my fire station locations and apparatus."
Barry P., 911 Communications, Florida

"This is the best quiz/flashcard type program I've seen. "
Heidi V., Parent

"What a great product! I have been searching for years for something like this! I am studying for my pediatric echo registry and I knew within a few minutes of using the trial version that this was what I have been looking for! I have built my test and I like when a question is missed, it will resurface again and again as it seems to know what questions are my weakness. Well worth the few dollars it cost! Thanks so much!"
Loretta D., Sonographer/Echocardiographer, Ohio

"This is a great idea. I have third and fifth graders, and have already entered some vocab words. They also need to drill math facts, and this is perfect for that. Now that it's all on my Palm, I can whip it out of my purse and they can drill anytime we're waiting."
Deanna F., Parent, (writing about exporting quizzes to Quiz-Buddy for Palm OS.)

"I love the Quiz-Buddy - it is great for kids - I work with gifted students and the QB is a wonderful way for them to challenge themselves or to compete with others, and they are learning great stuff!"
Teri C. B., School Teacher

"I am using Quiz-Buddy with my 8th grade history students and they love it. ... It's a real winner!"
Victor M., School Teacher, Virginia


"Do your students need help memorizing facts, dates and names? If so, they just might need this 'study buddy' from Sierra Vista Software."
TEACH Magazine (March/April 2005 issue, page 27)

"If you're planning to travel or go to school, take a look at Sierra Vista Software's Quiz-Buddy. The program lets you brush up on several skills, including foreign languages and math, by choosing the appropriate answer from four possibilities. Quiz-Buddy lets you create quizzes, edit existing quizzes, and transfer quizzes to your Palm-based PDA."
Smart Computing Magazine (January 2004 issue, page 27)

Quiz-Buddy was mentioned in District Daily (July 14, 2004), a newsletter published by District Administration, the award-winning magazine for district superintendents and other top K-12 education executives.

Quiz-Buddy was mentioned in T.H.E. Newsletter (September 29, 2004), a supplement to the T.H.E. Journal magazine, an education technology publication serving educators for over 30 years.

"Funny sounds and enjoyable animations break the monotony of drills... Teachers, students, and parents may find Quiz-Buddy useful."

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