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Does it really work?

A: Yes!
As you repeat the same words, numbers, etc., you are forced to recall the information, and every time you do, it becomes more accessible.

People noticed this a long time ago and it is no surprise that common sayings such as "practice makes perfect" are so popular.

A repetition-based program like Quiz-Buddy does not require a lot of mental effort, so it can be used almost at any time of the day. Use it once a day or ten times a day, whatever is more convenient!

Don't expect to memorize a hundred foreign words in one day. Set reasonable expectations, be consistent, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

I wish I could learn while away from my computer.

A: There are two ways to continue learning while you are away from your PC:

If you have a Palm PDA, download Quiz-Buddy for Palm. It comes with several built-in Q&A-lists. You can also easily export your own Q&A-lists from Quiz-Buddy for Windows to Quiz-Buddy for Palm.

Another, low-tech way to enjoy Quiz-Buddy while away from your PC is to print out flashcards by selecting "Print Flashcards" from the "File" menu.

How long does it take to learn to use Quiz-Buddy?

A: A couple of minutes if you want to use only ready-to-go Q&A-lists. About five minutes more if want to edit and create your own lists.

If I purchase Quiz-Buddy, how long can I use it for? Does it have to be renewed each year?

A: The registration code that you will receive lets you use Quiz-Buddy for as long as you want. It also entitles you to free upgrades for one year.

How can I enter non-English characters?

A: In the "Add/Edit Q&A-pair" dialog, type the nearest English character (e.g. e for ), place the cursor to its right, and scroll through the accents using the up-arrow and down-arrow keys.

Can small children use Quiz-Buddy?

A: Definitely. If your child can read and use the mouse, he or she will get a hang of Quiz-Buddy before you will!

All those cartoon sounds really bother me.

A: No problem. Right-click your mouse and select "Sound Schemes > None".

When I create a new word list, I can't find the 'back' button to return to the questions screen.

A: Click on the "quiz screen" button. Note: You will return to the quiz that was originally loaded.

Can I input information into this software for my own specialized subjects or is it just for pre-made subjects?

A: You can create an unlimited number of your own Question&Answer lists and use them with our program. The process is as easy as typing. If you have already downloaded the trial version of Quiz-Buddy, please open Help and click on the "Advanced Tutorial" topic for more information.

How can I share Q&A-lists?

A: All Quiz-Buddy Q&A-lists are located in the Data folder. To open the folder, simply select "Share Q&A-lists" in the "File" menu. Bingo! Now you can treat any Q&A-list as you would treat any other file: copy it, email it, back it up, etc.

How many questions can I have in a Q&A-list?

A: There is no limit on the number of Q&A-pairs in a given list.

I already have a list of questions and answers in a file. Can I import it into Quiz-Buddy without any typing?

A: Yes, you can easily import words from a text file. First, create a '@'-delimited text file. Second, in the Q&A-list Editor go to "File" > "Insert from a text-file". Select the Q&A-list text file that you want to import and click 'open'. Please see Help topic "How to insert into a Q&A-list." for more information.

Can I order Quiz-Buddy registration code by phone?

A: Yes, you can order Quiz-Buddy by phone. The same company that processes our on-line orders has a toll-free number (1-877-353-7297) for phone orders; however they charge an extra $3 for that. If you feel more comfortable ordering on the phone, please don't forget to mention the discount code ERQ-609Y to receive 25% off if you order within 5 days of installation.

If your question is not answered here, please use this form to ask us directly!

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