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Q&A-list Editor.

The Editor lets you

·add new pairs to the Q&A-list

·modify the Q&A-list entries

·delete the Q&A-list entries

·edit Q&A-list notes

·insert entries from a text file

·add notes to each Q&A-pair

·manage predefined wrong answers

·reset your results

To add a new Q&A-pair, click on the button and enter the question and answer. Non-English characters can be entered with a help of arrow keys (see the instructions here).

To modify an existing entry, double-click on the appropriate line and make the changes.

To delete an existing entry, click on the appropriate line and then click on the button.

To add/edit Q&A-list notes, click on the button.

To work with predefined wrong answers, click on the row with the question and then on the icon.

You may find is useful to be able to insert Q&A-list entries from a text file. For instructions on how to use this feature click here.

To reset your results, click on "Edit" > "Reset Q&A ratings".

To go back to the Quiz Screen, click on the button.

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