Quiz-Buddy Tutorial: Adding Sounds to a Quiz.

In the previous tutorial we learned how to create a text quiz. But why stop there? Adding sounds to each question or answer will make studying more effective and fun. This is especially true for foreign-language quizzes. With the addition of sounds, you will have the opportunity of hearing the correct pronunciation as many times as you want. This is like having a native speaker as your personal coach! Also, reading and hearing the words is great for memorization because it involves both visual and auditory channels of perception simultaneously.

We will be adding sounds to the "Spanish - shopping" text quiz that we created in the Tutorial 1.

Please note that this tutorial assumes that you already have the sound files on your computer. We will be using .wav files recorded for the "Spanish Vocabulary Add-On with Audio". To download a zip file containing the sounds needed for this tutorial, please click here.

Important: In order for Quiz-Buddy to be able to find the sound files, they should be located inside the ..\quiz_sounds\ folder. For example, a good place for our quiz sounds would be ..\quiz_sounds\tutorial2_sounds\

Let's get busy!

1) Open the C:\Program Files\Quiz-Buddy\quiz_sounds folder.

2) Create a new folder inside the ..\quiz_sounds\ folder and call it tutorial2_sounds

3) Unzip tutorial2_sounds.zip into the tutorial2_sounds folder.

Good job! The rest is easy and more fun. We just need to associate the .wav files with the answers in our quiz.

4) Start up Quiz-Buddy, open the "Spanish - shopping" quiz and switch to the Q&A-list Editor.

5) Double-click on "belt".

6) The "Add/Edit Q&A-pair" dialog will appear. Click on the "browse" button.

7) Navigate to the "tutorial2_sounds" folder, select the belt_spanish.wav file and click "Open".

8) Optional: To make sure you have added the right sound file, click on the "Play" button. You should hear "el cinturón". Guess what, you're learning already!

9) Click "OK" to close the "Add/Edit Q&A-pair" dialog.

10) Repeat steps 6-9 for the rest of the entries.

11) Save the quiz.

Congratulations, you just created a talking quiz!

To enjoy the results of your excellent work, open the "Spanish - shopping" quiz again. You will see a small speaker shown inside each entry that has a sound associated with it. To hear the sound, click on the speaker picture. Even better, Quiz-Buddy will automatically play the sounds when appropriate, e.g. during the slideshow.

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