Sierra Vista Software Products.

Software for Windows.

Software Title Short description
Quiz-Buddy Quiz-Buddy is an award-winning teaching tool for Windows that helps students with learning and test-preparation activities.
QB - Spanish QB - Spanish lets users expand their Spanish vocabulary and improve pronunciation.
QB - Math QB - Math lets users practice arithmetic.
QB - SAT QB - SAT helps students prepare for SAT Verbal.
QB - US States QB - US States teaches how to identify all of the fifty states on the map.

Software for Palm OS.

Software Title Short description
Quiz-Buddy for Palm Quiz-Buddy for Palm lets the users study on the go. This free program comes with several preinstalled quizzes. Moreover, users can create their own quizzes using Quiz-Buddy for Windows and export them to Palm.
600 Spanish for Palm 600 Spanish for Palm is a Palm program that lets users learn over 600 useful Spanish words and expressions.
Easy Math Easy Math lets you practice Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, Addition, Fractions, and more on your Palm PDA.
Easy SAT Verbal Easy SAT Verbal is a free program for Palm that includes over 300 words similar to those that can appear in SAT Verbal and other standardized tests. In addition, 50 important suffixes are included to help with guessing unknown words.

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