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If you need to look up a Spanish word and don't feel like flipping a thick dictionary, an online Spanish dictionary is a good alternative.

Spanish dictionaries come in several flavors. Some offer just straight one-word translations while others will happily translate several pages of text or even an entire web page. If you want to translate more than just a few words, you may find this link useful: Spanish translation information. Unfortunately, many online dictionaries use excessive advertising and start attacking you with popups even before you had a chance to type in your word.

Translating to or from Spanish can be tricky because of regional differences. Spanish is a language with a long history and extensive geography. Because of this many things are called differently in different countries and sometimes the same word can mean different things. For example, depending on the country, a bus may be called autobús, ómnibus, guagua or camión. Usually these differences don't present significant problems because word meaning can be deduced based on the context and non-verbal clues.

The Spanish alphabet is similar to English, but most letters have different names:

A: a
B: be
C: ce
CH: che
D: de
E: e
F: efe
G: ge
H: hache
I: i
J: jota
K: ka
L: ele
LL: elle
M: eme
N: ene
Ñ: eñe
O: o
P: pe
Q: cu
R: ere
S: ese
T: te
U: u
V: ve
W: doble u
X: equis
Y: i griega
Z: zeta

Note that CH, LL and Ñ are separate letters.

Here are some Spanish to English and English to Spanish dictionaries that were online at the time when this page was updated. If you find that any of these sites are not functional or not user-friendly, please send us an email and we will look into removing the link.

General - purpose dictionaries:



Free2Professional Translation (also offers translation services at about $150 per 1000 words)

Specialized dictionaries:

English-Spanish Dictionary of Common Computing Terms

English-Spanish Math Dictionary with definitions in Spanish

English-Spanish Math Dictionary

English to Spanish Business Glossary

The Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish

Dictionary of Occupational Safety and Health Terms (pdf)

English-Spanish Language Resources for Library and Information Professionals

English - Spanish Glossary of Technical Words For Mineral Surveyors, Geologists, Mining Engineers

Vocabulario Técnico de Marketing e Internet

The vocabulary of jobs and professions in English and Spanish

Soccer Vocabulary

Una Guía para la Terminología del Mercado de Futuros y Opciones

Glosario de neologismos deportivos

Glosario básico inglés-español para usuarios de Internet

Basic Computer Spanglish Pitfalls - many Spanish words are very similar to English, but be careful with the words listed here.

Diccionario Terminológico de Oftalmología

Regionalismos de la Lengua Española

Diccionario de términos de audio, video y cine-en-casa

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