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School Related Words in Spanish with Audio.
selected from QB - Spanish

Here are some Spanish words you may find useful when talking in Spanish about education .

Each word or phrase is accompanied by an audio clip recorded by a native Spanish speaker. To listen, please click on the appropriate link.

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1bookel libro
2calculatorla calculadora
3chalkla tiza
4chalkboardel pizarrón
5classla clase
6computerla computadora
7computer sciencela computación
8deskel escritorio
9dictionaryel diccionario
11Englishel inglés
12eraserel borrador
13historyla historia
14homeworkla tarea
15keyboardel teclado
16lessonla lección
17literaturela literatura
18mathematicslas matemáticas
19mouseel ratón
20musicla música
21notebookel cuaderno
22one has tohay que
23paperel papel
24penla pluma
25pencilel lápiz
26physical educationla educación física
27printerla impresora
28quizla prueba
29reasonla razón
30schoolla escuela
31sciencelas ciencias
32screenla pantalla
33social studieslos estudios sociales
34Spanishel español
35subjectla materia
36testel examen
37to arrivellegar
38to enterentrar
39to expectesperar
40to learnaprender
41to listenescuchar
42to speakhablar
43to studyestudiar
44to teachenseñar


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