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Get over it! How to let go and start learning Spanish now.

You probably didn't grow up in a bilingual home. In the United States, most children don't begin learning a second language until middle school or even high school. Learning a new language is a challenge, but you can train your grown-up brain to be a kid again. How can you apply the tools you used the first time around, when you were in diapers, fascinated by the strange sounds coming from your parents' mouths?

The first step is simple: Let go of your need to get it right. It's hard to let yourself mess up. It's hard to let go of your ego and take risks. But look around at the toddlers of the world. They unabashedly risk it all every time they open their mouths. They don't let accuracy worry them too much. If they can't pronounce a multi-syllabic word, they just make up their own. Big sister Elizabeth becomes "Zeeby." Macaroni and cheese becomes "mah-tees."

Although you can't make up your own words for difficult Spanish phrases, there's something to learn from a child's carefree and oblivious style. Just go for it! Use the language! It's only through constant usage and corrections that you can improve your skills and gain confidence in speaking Spanish.

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