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Spelling in Spanish is easier than spelling in English!

Spanish is spelled phonetically, so there is a smaller chance for error when you try to spell new vocabulary words.  If you know the ground rules already, you can simply memorize which vowels and consonants stand for each sound you hear.  You will be able to pronounce and then spell every Spanish word you come across, almost without exception.

Vowel sounds in Spanish are clear and open.

A = ah as in Open your mouth and say ahhh!
E = a as in pay
I = ee as in week
O = o as in over
U = oo as in boot
Y = ee as in week

Recognizing patterns in the way certain letters of the alphabet are used can help your spelling.  How many Spanish words have you learned that begin with "k"?  How about "w" or "x"?  Few words begin with these letters.  "W" and "k" are noticeably absent in the Spanish lexicon.  "X" is sometimes used in Spanish but usually after an "e". 

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