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I like to move it! Learning the verbs of movement.

Keeping all the "coming and going" verbs straight can be difficult when you are first learning Spanish. 

IR: to go, to move, to travel, to walk

MOVER: to move, to persuade, to excite

PARTIR: to leave, to depart, to divide

VOLVER: to return, to restore, to turn

SALIR: to leave, to go out, to turn out

ANDAR: to walk, to continue, to go about

VENIR: to come, to arrive

LLEGAR: to arrive, to reach

CORRER: to run, to race, to flow

REGRESAR: to return, to go back, to regress

It might be helpful to memorize these verbs in pairs of opposites.  For example, you can match VENIR and SALIR (to come and go), ANDAR and CORRER (to walk and run), LLEGAR and REGRESAR (to arrive and to return).  Make flashcards with a Spanish verb on one side and its English translation on the other side.  Partner with a friend or family member.  Have one person hold the flashcards and call out each verb, while the other person physically enacts the translation.  Walk or run, come or go depending on what you think each verb means.  By integrating the physical, the aural, and the visual, you have a much better chance of remembering the correct translations of the verbs of movement. 

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