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7 tips for language acquisition.

You don't need to be perfect, but you do need to progress. Use the mental skills you already have to help yourself learn Spanish.

RULE #1: Talk, talk, talk!
Don't be afraid to vocalize. You will make mistakes, so don't be a perfectionist.

RULE#2: Ask your friends for help.
If friends notice an error you often make, they can bring it to your attention. You'll be a better Spanish speaker for it.

RULE#3: Find a language mentor.
This person should be a native speaker. Even without professional training in Spanish grammar, a native speaker is an invaluable resource.

RULE#4: Watch TV shows and movies in Spanish.
Dramas, documentaries, or comedies might be too overwhelming at first, so try watching kids' movies or cartoons instead. Just make sure you aren't staring at the English subtitles, and don't let these forms of entertainment become a substitute for face-to-face conversation.

RULE#5: Write, write, write!
Write down everything from class notes and verb drills to an unfamiliar phrase or new vocabulary word. Practice transcribing the dialogue from movies and TV shows. This helps you to internalize concepts of everyday usage and vocabulary.

RULE#6: Seek out immersion experiences.
Immersion is the single most helpful tool in progressing conversationally, even if it's only for an hour or two a week. Immersion means only Spanish: not a word of English coming in, not a word coming out. Like dipping your feet into the wading pool versus diving into the deep-end headfirst: it's the only way to get wet!

RULE #7: Memorize basic introductory remarks.
People always seem to ask the same questions. What's your name? Where are you from? How are you today? Write out and then memorize a few key phrases tailored to your life.

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