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Q&A-list Viewer.

The Viewer allows you to

·view the complete Q&A-list

·sort the Q&A-list by Question, Answer, Rating, Number of right answers, Number of wrong answers, Total number of answers

Sometimes questions and answers are too long to fit in the Viewer. If this is the case, you can resize the window and the grid will adjust automatically.

To see complete information for a particular Q&A-pair, double-click on the corresponding line.

To sort the view by a particular column, click on the column header. If you want to switch between ascending and descending order, simply click on the column once again.

For example, suppose that you have been studying with a large Q&A-list and you want to see the questions giving you the most difficulty. To do that, click on the "Rating" header and the list will be automatically sorted based on the Q&A-pair rating. Just for fun, click on the "Rating" again and see the easiest questions move to the top.

To go back to the Quiz Screen, click on the button.

If want to edit the Q&A-list, click on the button.

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