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Quiz-Buddy Tips.

Some ideas on how to get the most out of Quiz-Buddy.

Welcome to Quiz-Buddy, your friend that makes it easier to memorize more things in less time! To start, click on the button and select a Q&A-list that looks interesting!

  • You can easily share Q&A-lists with your friends. Find out how.

  • You can export any Q&A-list to Quiz-Buddy for Palm. Find out how.

  • For new product releases, add-ons, and updates, please visit us at

  • Q&A-list Viewer lets you see the complete Q&A-list along with the statistics you need to evaluate your progress. To open the Q&A-list Viewer, click on the button.

  • The reason why Quiz-Buddy works is because it makes you look at the study material over and over. It does not try to be clever or to trick you. It simply moves the study material into your subconscious memory with minimal effort on your part.

  • Q&A-list Editor lets you easily create and edit Q&A-lists. To open the Q&A-list Editor, click on the button.

  • Skin support lets you change Quiz-Buddy's appearance with just a few clicks of the mouse. To change skin, go to "Skins" > "Select Skin".

  • Context menus provide quick access to some of the Quiz-Buddy commands. In order to open a context menu, simply right-click on the mouse.

  • Use the arrow keys to adjust Quiz View background pattern.

  • If you get tired of the skins, turn them off by going to "Skins" > "Turn Skins Off".

  • If you have any technical questions about this product, please e-mail us at

  • To change to a full version you need to buy a registration code. Buying a registration code is easy and secure, just click on "Help" > "Buy Online!" to connect to a secure online order form.

  • For better memorization, periodically switch questions and answers by clicking on the button.

  • Often it is a good idea to set up the Smart Counter so that it alerts you after a certain number of correct answers and automatically switches questions and answers.

  • Keep in mind that a typical Q&A-list should have at least 20 entries to keep things interesting!

  • The "Open Q&A-list" dialog shows you all the available Q&A-lists. It also displays when a Q&A-list was most recently used, the number of Q&A-pairs, and even the list notes.

  • Q&A-list notes allow you to add comments to the Q&A-list. For example, you can write the purpose of your list, how it was compiled, etc.

  • For instructions on how to enter non-English characters see "Entering Non-English Characters.".

  • When learning new words, read the question and the right answer aloud. This will help you learn much faster.

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