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Printable Tests.

This feature was designed primarily for those teachers who want to use paper tests in addition to regular computer exercises with Quiz-Buddy. These tests can be created with a minimal effort with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Each test will contain a multiple-choice question for each question&answer pair in the study module. Quiz-Buddy will use predefined wrong answers if they are available. Since there can be numerous variations of tests for a given study module, each test document will contain an Answer Key on the last page.

The tests are created in RTF format, which means that they can be opened in MS Word and many other popular programs. Teachers can either print out the document as it was created or modify it before printing. The modification can involve changing colors, fonts, inserting pictures, etc.

For easy reference, the file names of the printable tests contain unique time identifiers. For example a file named Great_Scientists_2003_Oct_29_091230.rtf contains a printable test based on the "Great Scientists" study module and was generated on October 29th, 2003 at 9:12:30.

?To create a new printable test for the current study module, go to "File | Printable Tests | Create Printable Test".

?To open the folder containing previously created printable tests, go to "File | Printable Tests | Open Folder".

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