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Predefined Wrong Answers.

How the multiple-choice questions are constructed.

Every multiple-choice question that Quiz-Buddy asks is created on the fly by a sophisticated algorithm. Each question is constructed in one of these ways:

a) At random. All the wrong answers are chosen at random from the answers to other questions contained in the current Q&A-list. This works great for the lists containing homogeneous q&a-pairs and does not require extra work to create each multiple-choice question by hand since it uses the answers to other questions that you needed to enter any way.

b) Using predefined wrong answers. This option was added in response to numerous requests from our users. It is the method of choice for teachers and other educators who want to fine-tune the quizzes to the needs of their students. Well-designed predefined answers greatly increase the value of the time that the students spend with the program and allow the teachers to effectively use Quiz-Buddy in many parts of their curriculum.

It is not necessary to enter exactly 3 predefined wrong answers for each question. For example, if the program finds only 2 predefined wrong answers for a given question, it will select the missing third wrong answer randomly. On the other hand, if there are more than 3 predefined wrong answers, Quiz-Buddy will select the 3 wrong answers at random out of the set of predefined wrong answers for the current question. This way the students will see slightly different multiple-choice questions at different times.

We recommend that when studying with Quiz-Buddy you use predefined answers whenever they are available. If for any reason you want to use purely random answers, simply uncheck the "Use predefined wrong answers" box in General Options.

Important: The Predefined mode is available only for the Q&A-lists with at least one predefined wrong answer available.

Managing predefined wrong answers.

In order to Add/Edit/Delete Predefined wrong answer(s) do the following:

1. Switch to the built-in editor

2. Click on the question that you would like to work with

3. Click on the icon.

This will open the Predefined Wrong Answers dialog. Use the buttons in the right part of the dialog to Add/Edit/Delete predefined wrong answers. Click on the "Done" button when finished.

When creating a new Q&A-list, you may find it helpful to import the questions and answers from a '@'-delimited text file. To add predefined wrong answers to the file, simply append any number of wrong answers to the line starting with the question. Remember to use the '@' character to separate each wrong answer.


To try a study module with predefined wrong answers, open the "Great Scientists" quiz.

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