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Using Quiz-Buddy for Palm OS.

If you have a PDA running Palm OS, you can study even if you are away from your PC thanks to our new Quiz-Buddy for Palm.

All you need to do is install Quiz-Buddy for Palm on your PDA and export the desired Q&A-list(s) in Palm format.

Installing Quiz-Buddy for Palm.

To get the latest version of Quiz-Buddy for Palm, please make sure your Internet connection is active and follow this link .

1. Unzip qbpalm**.zip to a folder on your PC.

2. Double-click on the icons representing all the .prc and .pdb files included

in qbpalm**.zip. This will add the files to Palm Desktop Install tool list.

3. Connect your PDA to your PC and run HotSync.

You can now start using Quiz-Buddy on your PDA!

Exporting Q&A-lists from your PC to Palm.

Suppose you want to export a Q&A-list called Portuguese10 to your PDA.

1. Make sure you have Palm Desktop or similar software installed on your PC. Palm Desktop comes standard with most of Palm OS devices.

2. Start Quiz-Buddy on your PC and open the desired Q&A-list.

3. Click on the button. This will open the folder with Portuguese10.pdb file ready to be copied to your Palm device.

4. Double-click on the Portuguese10.pdb icon. This will add the file to Palm Desktop Install tool list.

5. Connect your PDA to your PC and run HotSync.

Your Portuguese10 list is now ready for use with Quiz-Buddy on your PDA!

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