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- Unlimited number of quizzes on all kinds of topics

- Unlimited number of Question-Answer pairs in a given quiz

- Over 20 ready-to-use quizzes already included (e.g. SAT Preparation, Spanish, State Capitals, etc.)

- Automatically adjusts to your way of learning thus increasing efficiency of the learning process

- Works with Quiz-Buddy for Palm OS

- Screen Layouts: 4

- Question animation

- Smart Counter

- Question-Answer Reverse

- Skins

- Slideshow mode

- Backgrounds (select solid, lines, square, or picture)

- Animated Reminder Flashcard

- Question Notes

- Funny sound effects

- Automatic and manual hints

- Context menus

- Layout preview

- Quiz Viewer

- Quiz Editor lets you easily create new and edit existing quizzes

- Import Question-Answer pairs from a text file

- Non-English characters support

- Notes

- Flashcard Printing

- Open Quiz in a Web Browser

- Free Video Tutorials

- Money-Back Guarantee

- Free upgrades

- Free online support

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