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Visual Settings.

You can get to this dialog by selecting "View" > "Options" from the main menu and then clicking on the "Visual" tab.

- Show transition

Lets you relax for a second or two after answering a question correctly.

- Animate new question

New question and possible answers will appear one-by-one.

- Show reminder card

If your first answer was incorrect, Quiz-Buddy will display a card with the correct answer.

- Hide q/a text

This option is great for listening exercises. Question/answer text will be hidden if a sound is available. To repeat the sound, click on the speaker icon.

- Background

Lets you choose Quiz View background pattern. The pattern can also be adjusted by using the arrow keys while in the Quiz mode.

- Fonts

Change Question or Answer font. Please remember that if the font you choose is too big or too small, the quiz screen will become difficult or even impossible to read. Click on the Reset button to return to the pre-set fonts.

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